Hours : 8:00am to 1:45PM
991 NW 54 ST
Miami FL 33127
Ph: 305-758-9910
Grades K to 12
Uniforms are mandatory
School Calendar 2019-2020
August: 20 First day of school
September: 3 Labor Day (No School)
October: 25 End of first grading period, First Semester
               26 Teacher Planning Day (No School) (Report Cards)
               29 Begin 2nd Grading Period, First Semester
               31 Halloween Dance
November: 12 Veteran's Day (No School)
                   19 Thanksgiving luncheon
                   21 Teacher Planning Day (No School)                                                         (Progress Reports)
                   22 & 23 Thanksgiving (No School)
December: 24 to 31 Winter Recess (No School)
January: 1 to 4 Winter Recess (No School)
               7 to 11 Mid Term Exams
               17 End of First Semester & Second Grading Period
               18 Teacher Planning Day (No School) (Report Cards)
               21 Martin Luther King Day (No School)
               22 Begin 3rd Grading Period, Second Semester
February: 14 Valentine's Day Dance
                 18 President's Day (No School)
March: 22 End of 3rd Grading Period, Second Semester
            25 to 29 Spring Break (No School)
April: 1st  Begin Fourth Grading Period, Second Semester
         19 Good Friday
May: 13 to 17 Final Exams
         20 Teacher Planning Day (No School) (Report Cards)
         23 Graduation Day Grades K to 6th & 8th to 12th at:
              Mt. calvary Babtist Church (Social Hall)
              1140 NW 62nd Street at 6:00PM
         24 Last Day of School

                  Upcoming Events & Field Trips
September: Role Swap Day (Students & Teachers)
October: Breast Cancer Awareness (Wear Pink all Week)
Nov: Spirit Week: Wacky Day,Nerd Day,Designer Day,Jersey Day
December: Christmas Dance, Trip to Miami Metro Zoo
January: Classes attend the municipal library
February: Valentine's Dance, President's day (No School)
March: Field Trip to Dade County Youth Fair, Spring Break
April: Good Friday
May: Commencement Graduation at Mt. Calvary Babtist Church
         End of The Year Field Trip to Orlando

When schools have strong interscholastic sports participation rates, they report lower levels of major crime and fewer suspensions. We all know sports are good for our bodies and help us learn important life lessons, but do we know about the impact of sports participation on decreasing the risk of teen substance abuse? Sports have you covered there too. The benefits of sports are numerous and can impact our lives in profound ways. Here at EDC Academy we teach our students the ethics, rules, fundamentals, and skills of various individual and team sports and develop in students lifelong, healthy habits of fitness and stress management. Students are given excellent opportunities to compete and to improve skill level with quality coaching and supervision. Some of the sports offered through EDC's Athletics program include football, volleyball, basketball, track and field etc.